The Verdis Mission

Supply chain management is at an exciting stage of transformation today. New technologies that lend end-to-end visibility, decision support, and planning integration, are heralding the early days of Supply Chain 4.0. Today, artificial intelligence is helping businesses to significantly advance decision-making capabilities at each of the operational, tactical, and strategic levels. This change can be felt in the very approach to decision making. Where earlier, each decision fell on a grey zone, today decisions are based on Boolean logic. We, at Verdis, consider ourselves as an instrument of this change.

With Verdis, we are on a mission to create a supply chain brain embodied in a Virtual Data ScientistTM, which can make the fastest, the most accurate, the most profitable, and highly unbiased decisions in the simplest or the most complex supply chain environments. Verdis offers a one-of-a-kind decisioning platform that helps supply chain practitioners create optimal and executable plans that save them resources, human hours, and capital, the pain of endless email chains, revisions after revisions of planning spreadsheets, frustrating hours spent importing and exporting data to and from ERPs, and, above all, the nightmares of “very important” change requests at the 11th hour.

Why do we do what we do?

Every decision comes at a price. Price, that is calculated not just in terms of the money spent but also the human effort invested and resources spent. Today, when we are making a concerted effort to be conscientious towards the planet and people through our actions, we, at Verdis, believe that the work begins at the decision level itself.

This we see in action every day in the context of the supply chain.

For one enterprise, in a fortnight, trucks needed to traverse 7 million kilometres to transfer stock. When we introduced AI to optimise the decision, in this case the dispatch plan, we managed to reduce the transit by 700,000 km, saved 70-tonne litres of fuel, and saved several days of collective human effort. We can only surmise the impact of 24 such decisions in a year for supply chains around the world.

We think that the result must be happier people and a happier Earth.

Sunil Mehta, Product Architect and CEO
Our Founding Story

Verdis was conceptualised in the early days of 2015 by founder Sunil Mehta. Earlier, he had worked as a solution architect and product manager with large corporations such as IBM and Mavenir Systems. During this phase, he had worked with tier-1 businesses to solve complex problems using best-in-class technology solutions.

Such exposure had impressed on his mind the degree of complexity resident in large enterprises and how the simplest problems defied human logic and analysis. He also saw in it an opportunity – an opportunity to create a one-comprehensive deep-technology solution that engineered intelligent decisions despite this complexity.

And so, began our Verdis journey.

In 2016, co-founder Hitesh Batra joined Sunil in search of what he called his “ikigai.” Together, they alighted on a journey of growth and achievement.

2016 Q1

Our first patent was filed.

2017 Q1

Startup Recognised by DIPP, Govt of India; Selected by NASSCOM under its prestigious 10K Startups mission.

2017 Q2

Setup our Big Data lab under sponsorship from Microsoft Azure.

2017 Q3

Entered into a strategic partnership with Holisol.

2017 Q4

Launched product Beta.

2018 Q3

Selected among top 20 startups by New York University & Govt. of Abu Dhabi.

2019 Q1

Launched product for Auto OEM.

2019 Q4

Won contract with our second large enterprise client - a global automobile manufacturer.

2020 Q1 onwards

Strengthening product portfolio for Auto OEMs in Logistics, Production, Spares & Services divisions.

2021 Q1 onwards

Built a team of 15 full-time experts.

Today, thanks to a series of successes in the last couple of years, and backed by a team of supply chain experts and a team of strategists, techno-geeks, creative masterminds, and customer service professionals, we have been growing strong partnerships and rapidly developing our wide portfolio of Verdis solutions.

Hitesh Batra, Strategy & Marketing

We met successes and failures in equal measure. While each success boosted us to give it our all, each failure only grounded us to the reality of the Goliath path we had ahead of us. I am of the opinion that we would not be where we are without experiencing both.

Where are we today in our Journey ?

We are at an exciting stage of transformation today. Our product maturity and portfolio of solutions and services are developing fast. Simultaneously, we are evolving as an organisation, developing strong and meaningful relationships, and strengthening our brand presence and recognition.

Yet, there are miles to go and we are in no mood to stop.