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How can we optimise Inventory?

Inventory optimisation is not dependent only on a better forecast of the demand changes in the market. Its real cause may be dependent on a host of other factors including freight, production variables, service levels, supplier linked factors as well as to external variables like the raw material availability. Verdis highlights gaps in all these areas so that actions can be taken at the root level to optimise inventory in different categories, stages and geographical areas.

How can we improve order fulfilment?

The increased demand volatility, multiple channels and supply chain complexity are all impacting order management. Verdis helps to get control on all parts of the order fulfilment ecosystem including demand, production and delivery environment. Whether it is an improper production mix, transporter issues, capacity constraints, channel constraint or the impact of any external event like a weather event, get insights to take action and improve order fulfilment.

How can we reduce supply chain cost?

Supply chain costs are a function of both, short term operational actions and the long term transformational changes. Verdis helps with both as it starts with operational insights but delivers strategic insights overtime as its understanding of your business context grows. Whether it is inventory, logistics including transportation and warehousing, sales parameters, supplier and manufacturing, or external factors like weather, fuel prices, etc., get actionable leads to hit at inefficiencies and cut down costs.

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