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Who are we?

Cogneau Systems is an Indian Decision Sciences startup, conceptualised in the early days of 2015 by founder Sunil Mehta. Having worked with tier-1 businesses, solving complex problems using best-in-class technology solutions, Sunil realised the degree of complexity residing in large enterprises. To simplify and solve these complexities, a never-tiring cognitive presence is needed. This gave birth to the VERDIS Mind, a patent-pending brainchild of Cogneau Systems, the ‘Intelligent Virtual Data Scientist’.

What’s the Mission?

What’s the Mission?

We are a team of innovators, with the mission to digitalise the decision-making landscape within complex environments. We are commercialising Industry 4.0 technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data & infusing it with Mathematics, all ingrained in a Digital Mind, VERDIS that can make the fastest, the most accurate, the most profitable, and highly unbiased decisions.

Making in India, Making India

VERDIS is our art, passion and pride. With VERDIS we are now on a transformational journey. An Indian technology startup making its way into the global markets, ‘Ye Hai Naya Aatm Nirbhar Barat’. From the ideation of VERDIS to concept development to designing and solving complex problems, we are proudly making in India and making India.

VERDIS is our art, passion and pride. With VERDIS we are now on a transformational journey. An Indian technology startup making its way into the global markets, ‘Ye Hai Naya Aatm Nirbhar Barat’. From the ideation of VERDIS to concept development to designing and solving complex problems, we are proudly making in India and making India.

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we do what we do?

Every decision comes at a price. Price, that is calculated not just in terms of the money spent but also the human effort invested and resources spent. Today, when we are making a concerted effort to be conscientious towards the planet and people through our actions, we, at Cogneau, believe that the work begins at the decision level itself.

The Cogneau Code

To create value in the world, whether for clients, partners, or society, we stay true to our business and culture code. We are driven by a core belief in R&D-driven value generation, customer-centric Design Thinking, and a startup’s agility and responsiveness to deliver every solution with the highest value. To this end, we are guided by the chief business tenets of Learning & Innovation, Excellence, and Value Centricity.





The Journey ahead

The Journey ahead

Today, thanks to a series of successes in the last couple of years, and backed by a team of supply chain experts and a team of strategists, techno-geeks, creative masterminds, and customer service professionals, we have been growing strong partnerships and rapidly developing our wide portfolio of the VERDIS Mind solutions.

The VERDIS Mind is learning from the day-to-day complexities and growing the branches of its Intelligence everyday. The VERDIS knowledge models spread across verticals and we are extremely bullish about the VERDIS Mind being at the very center of the Decision Sciences wing within organisations, at each of the operational, tactical and strategic levels.

Inside the Cogneau Code of Culture

Excellence comes with Motivation. And we provide loads of it!

As much as we love building a Virtual Mind, we believe that our people and the company culture are of utmost importance to us. Our focus is on employee growth and learning since we believe in building a relationship with our employees first before we go out building a relationship with our customers. We practice what we preach! The focus on learning extends to all, even the leadership team members who have their own specific and evolving learning trajectories.

Though we move at a fast pace, and it might seem that we don’t have time to sit and do things together, every employee at Cogneau loves sharing, helping and encouraging others. We love our water-cooler conversations, tea-time discussions, and out-of-office parties as these help us to build sustainable relationships and understanding. VERDIS is the ultimate innovation of the mind and hands. The mind ideates, the hand crafts!

At Cogneau, we are a family and this family is growing.

Leadership Team

Sunil Mehta
Founder & CEO

Sunil has over 15 years of experience working in Tech Architecture and Product Management in enterprise complex products. He is MIT USA Certified (Big Data and AI, 2013) and has been the top performer in IBM throughout his tenure. He considers whiteboarding as a creative exercise and has trained himself to structure things to handle complexity. He loves eating paranthas with butter but makes up for it by following a strict schedule of cycling and walking each morning.

Hitesh Batra

Hitesh carries an experience of over 15 years, enriched by multiple roles in Marketing, Business Development, Pre-Sales, and Design. Prior to starting up at Verdis, Hitesh worked for more than a decade with various Telecom and IT MNCs like British Telecom, Orange Business Services and Infosys. He describes himself as a curious mix of yoga practitioner, a classical music & Urdu poetry aficionado, and die-hard fan of hasya-kavi-sammelans.

Ashish Kohli
Head of People & Culture

Ashish has over 20 years of work experience in People, Marketing & Sales, and Product Design & Innovation. A pass-out from IIM Lucknow, he has worked for large corporations, such as Vodafone, Tate Teleservices, and Tata Telecom. He founded Astitiva Lifeskills Library back in 2015 and Just Rokket, another educational venture, in 2017. Ashish identifies himself as a Design Thinker and a creative professional and finds his true calling in the pursuit of knowledge, whether through the medium of music, books, art, or travel.

Alka Kaul
Head of Marketing

A highly accomplished Marketing & Communications veteran with a career spanning across three decades in Enterprise & Consumer organizations. Has established a reputation for building concrete relationships and campaigns with numerous notable domestic and international brands, with an applaud-worthy experience ranging across diverse industries comprising Consulting, Software, Hardware, Telecom and Consumer Electronics.

Keshav Kumar
Head of Product

Innovative and entrepreneurially-driven High Impact Operations Research practice leader focused on developing and applying descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques on enterprise, unstructured and IoT data to solve complex problems while building and deploying SCM products and solutions on the lines of Industry 4.0 paradigm. Expert in simulating real-world systems and their operational optimization, including concept development, architecture specification, prototype design, and complete system implementation.

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