• Get Confidence in your Supply Chain planning decisions when times are uncertain.

    Get Confidence in your Supply Chain planning decisions when times are uncertain.

    Empower your teams with the ability to simulate and analyse their plans on digital twin of your supply chain before they execute in real world.

    Making headway towards VERDIS 2.0

    Power your supply chain transformation journey
    with VERDIS

    The Verdis platform takes your enterprise from a culture of functional silos and stand-alone information models to one of integration where enterprise-wide data exists within a single version of truth. This is also the stage of planning integration and improved collaboration. The roadmap doesn’t end here. The next phase of maturity is the stage of intelligent decisioning, where technology enables a responsive and agile decisioning framework, where complexities and risks are actively managed and decisions delivers the highest value.

    Our customers use Verdis Platform as the core vehicle for progressing through stages of demand-driven maturity journey (ref: Gartner’s five-stage model) of their supply chain transformation.

    The Verdis Platform: Where all your analytics, planning and optimisation come together

    Be the pioneer of the next biggest technology implementation in your organisation, after ERP.

"Verdis is the perfect recipe to the increased complexity of supply chains. Its artificial intelligence capability combines with an understanding of the domain to provide opportunities for cost saving and higher efficiency. Verdis is going to disrupt the market!"

Rahul Dogar Co-founder & Director of Strategy & Business Development, Holisol

"Verdis helps Supply Chain Companies in overcoming the challenges of uncertainty and unpredictability in their Processes. The changing nature of the function - higher complexity and variability, requires organisations to leverage advanced technologies like augmented analytics and forecasting to maintain their competitive advantage.''

Aneesh Anand Thought Leader and Consultant

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