Process Automation Optimization

Process Optimisation refers to the constant monitoring of existing processes to determine the upgradation needed in order to make the most optimal use of the resources, thereby, guiding businesses to achieve maximum efficiency within minimum cost.

A business in general is an assembly of various processes. Every process runs on a set of parameters. The performance and throughput of these processes, however, is constantly changing as the complex multidimensional parameters require amends every now and then since the direct impact is on the operational and cost-efficiency of the business. Optimisation enhances the response to risk and aids in the accurate execution of plans that deliver the highest value.

VERDIS Mind Process Automation Optimisation – Key Features:

I can integrate and guide your business processes, all under a single platform. The business data(or intelligence) allows me to look for existing gaps within the processes and optimise them to drive maximum efficiency. I learn quickly and automate the entire optimisation process to reduce risks and build resilience with integrated optimisation across the value chain.

As Is – To Be

The As Is-To Be board represents a businesses current state of processes and based on it, modelling of the future state is done in order to improve the impact of the overall process on business KPIs.

The ‘As is’ allows a business to visualise the overall view of the process chain and identify areas of risks and opportunities. The ‘To be’ board captures the impact of changes made in the current state of the business. My Mind integrates and evaluates every business activity’s ‘as-is’
to find improvement opportunities that include automation of existing processes so as to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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