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The pandemic has hit the Retail industry hard on many levels, but many businesses are observing what they call a “shock to loyalty”. Consumers are showing a greater tendency to switch brands and channels as retailers are unable to ensure the right product in the right quantity at the right time and place. Trust and confidence, the two pillars of customer loyalty, are being put to test as the industry continues to adapt to the changing market trends and demands.

Are you ensuring your customer’s loyalty?

I can offer optimisation algorithms for value generation, data integration across silos for responsiveness, demand sensing for ensuring preparedness against disruptions, and cross-process collaboration for greater efficiency. Ensure that planning is fast and accurate, delivers high-cost savings, reduces sales loss, and is flexible to change, with my Mind.


Insight Sheets

Dispatch Allocation Planning

The Dispatch environment is a flux of data. Manually handling this data creates anomalies that need to be addressed. …

Production Planning

Production Planning (or planning for manufacturing and packaging) is often guided by uncertainty and complexity. The new volumes of data…

Digital Twin

The Supply Chain ecosystem is a perfect illustration of a complex system wherein a multitude of processes interact and depend…

Replenishment Allocation Planning

Enterprises struggle with maintaining optimal inventory day in and day out. You plan for too much, you tie up your…

VERDIS Simulator

Businesses rely on resources day-in and day-out. Be it the people, raw materials or other critical resources, efficient utilisation is the key to…

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